Monday, May 02, 2005

RFID Adoption Increases

Just came across this interesting fact on RFID deployment :

- 90% of manufacturing RFID projects will focus on data integration
- 60% of manufacturers surveyed by Datamonitor are already working on RFID projects.
- 90% of manufacturers surveyed said their next RFID project will be based on systems and data integration.
- 90% of IT executives surveyed said grid computing was of no relevance anywhere in their product life cycles, and
- 80% say that utility computing is of no use in resource planning or supply chain execution.
My Take: This reinforces the IT view of implementing RFID that the key challenge to surmount is handling the enormous explosion of data that RFID implementation forces on the system - handling massive volumes of data, middleware architecture to handle complexity and volume of data - while processing power and storage requirements are massive - but there is nothing very unique therein - but data explosion brings with it own set of challenges and takes the maximum time and effort in planning, designing, rolling out and maintaining RFID solutions.

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